You know you’re a veteran if…

No matter how many years you served, the military has a lasting effect on the way you live your life. Here’s our list of 11 ways you know you’re a veteran.

1. You can’t fathom how people don’t understand “military time”

B military time


2. You have a strong distrust for anybody named “Jody”

B jody


3. You can’t watch most military dramas because they’re so corny and wrong

B heres whats wrong


4. You walk fast and your first step is always with your left foot; you often find yourself trying to get in step with others

Final homecoming flights for 4th SBCT bring home 600 troops, brigade leadership


5. You still use the Basic Training “knife hand” when trying to get a point across

B knife hand


6. People are always impressed by how ridiculously fast you eat



7. You have to laugh when you see people on Survivor cry after 2 weeks of not seeing their family



8. You clean your equipment before yourself

soldiers cleaning


9. You don’t carry things in your right hand



10. You still refer to everyone around you by their last name


11. You won’t walk through the grass because it weirds you out

keep off the grass

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