Tweets About Basic Training That Are Way Too Real

1. Chatting with civilians before you leave

2. When you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore

3. When your priorities change instantly

4. When you first hear about the shower situation

5. Two weeks later…

6. When those itchy green blankets start to seem cozy

7. When your new “friends” sell you out 

8. Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re in prison

9. Speaking of letters… this girl has it all figured out

10. Holidays away from home can be rough

11. But you can feel confident knowing you’re still on top of the latest fashion trends

12. You learned valuable life skills

13. …and new science facts

14. You could make motivational posters with all the quotes you’ve heard

15. When it’s finally over and you’re not sure how to adjust

16. But eventually you come to terms with the fact that you can never escape the memories

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